The Spoiled Mum

On Feb 11, 2011, my son Tanguy was born. Little did I know I was also born again-Spoiled mum and spoiled child as a mum. Like many new mums, I was once clueless and afraid of the big unknown of giving birth and managing a baby.

I found the answers to child-birth and parenting after watching the movie “Babies” and the documentary “What Babies want”. I realised there was nothing better than to listen and trust your inner-voice.

For thousands of years, women have relied on their maternal instincts to nurture their babies. Babies are born naturally without medical intervention. Mums and babies enjoy immediate birth bonding with constant skin-to-skin contact. Their babies are constantly held or carried in front or the back and when they sleep, their babies are close to them or on the same bed. Cries of distress are promptly attended, these mums do not question whether they should leave their babies alone to force early independence. They do not think that comforting their babies is “spoiling” them, they never doubted their maternal instincts, and they have never been influenced by the “experts”. As a result, their babies are known to be the happiest, most balanced and secure.

Today, my son is a two-year-old toddler. Like any other toddler, he has his moments of mischief and tantrums. But I am also most fortunate that he also has the brightest personality who gives lots of affections to his parents and other people. Many say he is a confident and cheerful baby. Of course, this came a long way fromĀ the Journey of a Spoiled Mum.

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