Book Review: The No-Cry Sleep Solution by Elizabeth Pantley

the no-cry sleep solution

As a mum who believes in treating infants gently with love and kindness, I have been fortunate and honored to be personally requested by famous author Elizabeth Pantley to review her “No-Cry Sleep Solution” book.

From an empathetic and understanding perspective of a mum of four, Elizabeth Pantley provides much needed help to sleep-deprived mums desperately seeking for solutions to solve their babies’ irregular sleep habits. Instead of the cry-it-out method advocated by nefarious sleep-trainers, her recommended technique, drawn from her personal experience, is mostly based on following instinct and intuition to provide a gentle transition to healthy sleep habits for mum and baby.

Through a clear understanding of babies’ physiology and biological needs, she helps parents set reasonable expectations, and provides useful ideas to achieving a flexible and caring bedtime routine. Some of her favourite tips are the introduction of a “Lovey”, a term to describe a soft cuddly toy or blanket for a baby to become attached to; and the “Pantley’s Removal Plan”, to describe the process of slowly removing the nipple as sucking rate reduces while breastfeeding.ย With her Ten-Day Nap Log, Ten-Day Pre-bedtime Routine Log and Ten-Day Night-waking Log, she also provides valuable tools that will help parents analyze and evaluate the success of their babies’ sleep plans.

There is no magic formula in this book. As Elizabeth Pantley reminded her readers in the conclusion, all it takes is “patience, patience and just a little more patience” before the baby sleeps through the night, but “this too shall pass”. This book is for mums who put the well-being of their babies above the philosophy of convenient parenting. If you see yourself in her words, then this book is written for you: ” We love our babies irrevocably. We can’t bear to hear them cry. We can’t tolerate the cries of other babies. We have strong opinion about parenting and are not easily swayed by the media, our friends, or even our pediatricians and other “experts”. We know in our hearts what our babies need, we feel what they want. We are mindful of advances in medicine, and wary of philosophies developed in the interest of convenience, we are determined to heed our strong instincts. We are even willing to suffer ourselves in the best interest of our babies.

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