Book Review: Gentle Goodnight by Lyssa Armenta

Gentle Goodnight3

“Conscious parenting starts here to nurture a child who knows they are safe and loved. Because the way we raise our children shapes their future, start them off with a Gentle Goodnight!”

Like Lyssa Armenta, author of the “Gentle Goodnight book”, I believe sleep should be a pleasant and peaceful state to enter, and babies should not be left to cry themselves to sleep. As such, I am very privileged to have received an autographed and thoughtfully wrapped copy of her book to review.

Her sweet personality is well reflected in the dancing method she has specially created to soothe and calm her babies to sleep, which has been extensively tested and proven to work on all of her children with much success “99.99% of the time”. As a mum of three, Lyssa understands very well the issues faced by sleep-deprived parents and their sometimes desperate need for help to get their fussy babies to sleep. With 61 pages and 13 short chapters, the Gentle Goodnight book is easily readable by time-constrained mums in need of a simple method that can be implemented quickly and efficiently.

In this book, mums will find the plan she has meticulously laid out to begin the dancing method, from getting the necessary materials, to preparing a comfortable room, to selecting the right music to get babies to sleep in just the time needed to play four to seven songs. Lyssa proposes varying techniques to carry out the dancing sessions according to the age and size of the children. Her dancing method is known to be a “win-win” situation as mums get to exercise and relax while dancing, while babies get to be put to sleep gently with a peaceful state of mind.

The bedtime ritual is the last thing your baby will remember before he falls asleep for the next several hours. You do not want your baby to remember a bad experience to either dream about or wake up with.” – Lyssa Armenta

Bedtime is a perfect opportunity for parental bonding with their little ones. Numerous scientific studies have shown the importance of responding sensitively to the babies’ cries to secure the attachment since the age of infancy. If you are a parent who trusts your instincts, is not afraid to spoil your baby, and in need of a gentle solution for bedtime, then you may consider dancing your baby to sleep as recommended by Lyssa in her Gentle Goodnight book.