Book Review: Breast Side Stories by Orit Gilad

 Breast Side Stories

Unabashed and yet humorous, the Breast Side Stories presents beautiful and colourful illustrations of a hundred of stories of breastfeeding mothers from all over the world. As a mum who has breastfed my son in unusual settings, from the woods of the mountains in Canada to the middle of a busy shopping mall in London UK, I can definitely relate to many of the odd situations breastfeeding moms sometimes found themselves in. As such, I am very pleased to be contacted by Orit Gilad to review her book.

No matter when or where, when baby is hungry, the world needs to stop to satisfy his needs… In the book, you will find quotes with funny illustrations of mums breastfeeding in the most incongruous places such as at a mother-in-law’s funeral, in the middle of a field in the depths of winter with raging winds and negative temperature, on a carousel in an amusement park, or while being interviewed for a job!

Screen Shot 2013-10-13 at 10.09.51 AM 2Even though breastfeeding is universally known as the healthiest choice for mums and babies, many mums still get disapproving stares or comments while breastfeeding in public. So whether you breastfed or are still breastfeeding, this book will surely put a huge smile on your face. If you are about to breastfeed, don’t expect to be spared…

Breastfeeding is a tremendous task that needs to be accepted and encouraged. With its lovely illustrations of comical situations, The Breast Side Stories Book will surely contribute to the tolerance and support every breastfeeding mum needs.